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Financing and Crafting “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Sponsored by AARP

When the audience is everyone, how do you finance and craft your documentary?

Facilitated by producer Julie Goldman, this ‘Deeper Dive’ discussion with Won’t You Be My Neighbor? director and producer Morgan Neville and producer Caryn Capotosto takes you behind-the-scenes of the highest-grossing biographical documentary of all time.

Neville and Capotosto will discuss getting access to and working with a protective estate, and how a timely film can keep the neighborhood together.

Pre-Registering for Financing and Crafting “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Each ‘Deeper Dive’ session requires separate pre-registration by PGA members registered for the conference.

There is a program fee of $25 for PGA members interested in attending “Financing and Crafting Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”.



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