Fred Baron


Fred Baron is currently Executive Vice President of Feature Production at Twentieth Century Fox. With Fox since 1990, he has overseen the production of feature films that include: Ridley Scott’s The Martian and Prometheus, Knight & Day, Date Night, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Live Free Or Die Hard, Borat, Kingdom Of Heaven, I, Robot, The Day After Tomorrow, Last Of The Mohicans, Grand Canyon, Edward Scissorhands, Hot Shots, Broken Arrow, Romeo And Juliet, Alien Resurection, and Bulworth.

Fred took a hiatus from Fox from 1999-2001 to produce the critically acclaimed film Moulin Rouge with Baz Luhrmann, which won many awards including The PGA’s Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award, the Golden Globe for best picture, and received a Best Picture nomination from the Motion Picture Academy.

Prior to 1990, Fred worked as a producer and executive at HBO Pictures and left HBO to become a Producer on the award winning Cable TV series Tales From The Crypt, for Executive Producers Richard Donner, Joel Silver, Walter Hill, and Bob Zemeckis.

Before working at HBO, Fred held various positions in feature film production ranging from Production Assistant to Assistant Director and Associate Producer, working with such directors as Paul Schrader, Michael Apted, Tony Scott, Garry Marshall, and Carl Reiner, and producers Jerry Bruckheimer, David Picker, and Bill Badalato.

Fred began his movie career in the mailroom at Universal Studios.