Ian Bryce

A native of England, Ian Bryce started out as a production assistant on Return of the Jedi before going on to carve out a career highlighted by box office smash hits. In 1999, he won a Golden Globe Award and earned both Academy Award® and BAFTA nominations for his work as a producer on the widely-acclaimed World War II drama Saving Private Ryan. No stranger to big action adventure films, he produced the mega-blockbuster Spider-Man as well as all five of the Transformers films.

Bryce has also produced Almost Famous, Hancock, Speed, Twister and Forces of Nature. In recent years, he produced the dark comedy Pain and Gain, the action thriller World War Z, the comedic drama Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and the satire War Machine. Bryce, who has a first look deal with Netflix, is also at work on multiple projects in development.