Frank Patterson

Frank Patterson is an entertainment entrepreneur and media executive who serves as President of Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the second largest purpose built film studio in the United States. Currently, he is leading the expansion of the enterprise with a focus on building a cluster of complementary technology and content companies.

As entrepreneur, Patterson most recently served as CEO and co-founder of Pulse Evolution Corporation, an emerging technology company that produces hyper-realistic digital humans for live and virtual reality applications. He produced the immersive live production of Michael Jackson’s “Slave to the Rhythm” at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, which featured an original performance by Pulse Evolution’s computer-generated and animated human likeness of the late Michael Jackson.

Patterson is a professor at the College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University, where he served as dean for 14 years. The “Hollywood Reporter” named him one of the nation’s top mentors to a generation of Hollywood filmmakers, and his students recently won the Oscar for Best Picture of the film Moonlight. His creative and research activities are currently focused at the intersection of artificial intelligence and immersive technologies, with an interest in digital human agency.