Glenn Kennel

Glenn is President of ARRI’s American subsidiary, responsible for marketing, sales and service of ARRI cameras, lighting and post production equipment in North and South America.   He joined ARRI as CTO at the beginning of 2009, and moved up to President and CEO on April 1, 2010.

Glenn has worked in the motion picture industry for 30+ years, in a variety of product development, strategy and management roles with Eastman Kodak, Cinesite, Texas Instruments and Laser Pacific. He started his career at Kodak developing color negative films, including Kodak’s first ‘high speed’ film 5293 (EI 250). Since then, he has worked on tools for digital filmmaking, including the development of the Spirit Datacine and Cineon digital film scanners and recorders while with Kodak, the introduction of the Digital Intermediate process at Cinesite, and the standardization and deployment of DLP Cinema projection systems with Texas Instruments.   At Laser Pacific, he managed the feature film services group, delivering digital dailies, DI, previews and trailers.

Glenn is the author of a book, “Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema” and has served on technical committees for SMPTE, AMPAS and the ASC.   He is a Fellow of SMPTE, a Member of the Academy, and an Associate Member of the ASC.