Peter Bobrow

Peter Bobrow is a Line Producer and Supervising Producer. He specializes in unscripted television with a focus on adventure, food, science and crime programming. He’s produced content for Netflix, NatGeo, Travel, and A&E.

Some of his recent adventures include searching the Sonoran Desert for drug traffickers with the US Border Patrol (Borderland USA – Esquire), exploring food and maker culture in Brooklyn with Padma Lakshmi (Tazo); and chasing dogsledders under the shadow of Denali (Dead End Express – NatGeo).

Peter also produces the occasional indie feature film – most notably John Sayles Go for Sisters starring Edward James Olmos and Yolonda Ross. The film, shot in over 65 locations in 4 cities in 2 countries in 19 shoot days for under $1mil, was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Peter has a longstanding fascination with production software. His digital toolkit is a fully integrated Budgeting-Scheduling-Accounting platform. He recently created a method to “budget by schedule” through an integrated globals table that automatically updates the estimates. The schedule can update thousands of individual budget line items, adjusting everything from prep, shoot and 6th days worked, to hotels, per diems, meal counts, flights and more.

Combining the schedule with imported actuals from the accounting platform allows Peter to track millions of dollars in spending in a single interface with full visibility on the details of both projections and actuals. It also allows for rapid updating of estimated final costs through adjustments to the schedule.

Peter recently partnered with Bill Pruitt (Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse, Deadliest Catch, Amazing Race) to produce original content through their production company ‘True West.’