Van Ness Parking Structure:
783 N Van Ness Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

  • Inform the parking attendant that you are here for a special event and self-park in the structure.
  • Proceed to the Van Ness walk-through entrance at the base of the structure and provide the check-in representative with your name.
  • Once checked in, please use the map below to make your way to the event area.

Security Instructions:

  • The¬†names of all attendees must be on the RSVP list. Your name on the list must match your name as it appears on avalid government-issued photo ID (License, Passport, Military ID, etc).
  • You will be issued a pass and instructed to park in the Galaxy Parking Structure.
  • Gate Security may ask all guests to open any bags, purses or briefcases for inspection. You are encouraged to leave cameras, backpacks, bags and packages in your vehicle.