9:30am to 10:45am

Conversation With: Jake Gyllenhaal

One of the most accomplished actors of his generation, equally compelling (and often playing fearlessly against type) in blockbuster action films, taut psychological thrillers or deeply felt independent dramas, Jake Gyllenhaal joins iconic producer and former PGA President Hawk Koch for a candid, one-of-a-kind conversation. Not content to be one of the brightest stars working in feature films, Gyllenhaal has recently added “producer” to his list of credits, with the highly anticipated Nightcrawler and the acclaimed End of Watch. We hope you’ll join us for this frank and unfiltered discussion of the challenges of producing, acting, and everything in between, from the unique vantage of one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents.

Jake Gyllenhaal
(Nightcrawler; End of Watch; Actor: Brokeback Mountain)

Hawk Koch
(Source Code; Wayne’s World; Primal Fear; President Emeritus, Producers Guild of America)

The Ms. Factor: The Power of Female-driven Content sponsored by Variety

Audience demographics and buying power are changing. The power of females at the box office reigned supreme this past summer in terms of on-screen presence and audience turnout. A look at the 100 highest –earning movies of 2013 reveals that on average, movies with a female protagonist earned 20% more than movies with a male protagonist. So why the overall shortage of female protagonists and women filmmakers? What hurdles or opportunities does the current environment present for producers seeking to tell stories about girls or women? Our panel will consider the commerciality of female-driven content and the significance of the underserved female audience across a wide range of media and distribution platforms.

Session Sponsor

Kelly Edwards
(VP Talent Development, HBO)

Lydia Dean Pilcher
(Cutie and the Boxer; The Lunchbox; The Darjeeling Limited; Vice President: Motion Pictures, Producers Guild of America)

Stacy Smith
(Director, Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative, USC Annenberg)

Paula Weinstein
(Blood Diamond; Analyze This; President, Spring Creek Productions)

Lauren Zalaznick
(Kids; Zoolander; Media Executive Founder & Curator, The LZ Sunday Paper)

Cathy Schulman
(Crash; The Illusionist; President, Mandalay Pictures & Women In Film LA)

Greenlight Secrets Revealed: 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Network Head sponsored by Discovery Communications

We’re gathering the leaders and final decision-makers of several major cable networks in one place. Your mission: Give them the best questions you’ve got. Why is getting a green light so hard? What kinds of creative decisions elevate a standout franchise event or series? What are the circumstances that can allow a new producer with a fresh idea to break through? We will solicit questions from our attendees in advance, and put the ten best to our panel. This is your time, your questions, and your opportunity to learn what it takes to switch the light from red to green.

Session Sponsor
Discovery Communications

Beth Hoppe
(Call The Midwife; After Newtown; Chief Programming Executive & GM, General Audience Programming, PBS)

Marc Juris
(President & General Manager, WE tv)

David McKillop
(Duck Dynasty; Pawn Stars; General Manager & Executive Vice President, A&E Network)

Henry Schleiff
(Group President, Investigation Discovery)

Morgan Spurlock
(Super Size Me; One Direction: This Is Us; CNN’s Morgan Spurlock Inside Man)

11:15am to 12:30pm

Conversation With: James Schamus sponsored by TheWrap

An accomplished producer, writer, teacher and public intellectual, James Schamus occupies a truly unique position within New York’s film community. In this candid discussion, Schamus shares his singular perspective with Produced By: New York. How do writers and producers collaborate to shape compelling stories? And what insights gleaned from such diverse jobs as Columbia University film professor and CEO of Focus Features has he brought to bear on his career as a producer?

James Schamus
(Brokeback Mountain; Hulk; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

William Horberg
(The Talented Mr. Ripley; The Kite Runner; Disconnect)

Tax Credit Financing - The New Essential Element sponsored by Entertainment Partners

Production incentives have become a decisive factor in production planning, and financing your anticipated tax incentive can provide upwards of 20-25% of your entire production budget, in cash. Learn from seasoned professionals how to accomplish this without draining your other resources or putting unnecessary stress on your legal team or your balance sheet.

Session Sponsor
Entertainment Partners

Vicki Cherkas
(Wish I Was Here; A Prairie Home Companion; Business, Legal Affairs and Financial Consultant )

Bruce Cohen
(American Beauty; Milk; Silver Linings Playbook)

John Genz
(Partner-in-Charge, Film Production Incentives Practice)

Milan Popelka
(COO, FilmNation Entertainment)

Jay Roewe
(Senior Vice President, Production, HBO)

Bob Salerno
(Arbitrage; A Single Man; 21 Grams)

John Hadity
(The Call; Broken Horses; Last Days in the Desert; EVP, EP Financial Solutions; Chair Emeritus, Producers Guild of America East)

Inside Showrunning sponsored by Illinois Film Office

How has the role of the showrunner evolved throughout our current golden age of scripted television? And is it still the most demanding job in showbiz? On any given day, a showrunner will be answering questions (and/or putting out fires) from her writers, director, cast, network, post-production team, UPM… and probably writers, again. In this extraordinary session, a group of television’s top showrunners discuss the finer (and not so fine) points of making scripted television happen. What qualities and skills are required to turn out polished, compelling stories, week after week? And how do the necessities of being a good boss complicate the process of storytelling?


Barbara Hall
(Madam Secretary; Homeland; Joan of Arcadia)

Jenni Konner
(Girls; Help Me Help You; Undeclared)

Terence Winter
(The Wolf of Wall Street; Boardwalk Empire; The Sopranos)

Greg Yaitanes
(Banshee; House, M.D.)

Mark Gordon
(Saving Private Ryan; Grey’s Anatomy; Ray Donovan; President Emeritus, Producers Guild of America)

2:00pm to 3:15pm

Conversation With: Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin

Over the past 15 years, few director/producer partnerships have created a set of stories as visceral and moving as the team of Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin. Working both sides of the indie/studio divide, the duo has produced a group of films set in such wildly different worlds as the pro wrestling circuit, the ballet theater and biblical pre-history, but in every case bringing penetrating insight and profound human complexity to their characters and stories. In this special Conversation, Aronofsky and Franklin share insights into the nature of their partnership, the necessity of taking creative risks, and the joys and perils of shooting movies in the city that both call home.

Darren Aronofsky
(Noah; Black Swan; The Wrestler)

Scott Franklin
(Noah; Black Swan; The Wrestler)

Gary Lucchesi
(Primal Fear; Million Dollar Baby; Lincoln Lawyer; President, Producers Guild of America)

Window Shopping: Customizing Financial Models in the Era of Hybrid Distribution sponsored by Deadline Hollywood

Video On Demand has established itself as a game-changing mechanism for motion picture distribution. How do you create a hybrid distribution plan, and strategize the windows (theatrical, VOD, Day and Date, Ultra VOD) for the optimum release of your film? Our panel of experts, across the theatrical and ancillary market spectrum (including producers, financiers and distributors), provides insights on analyzing the often mysterious ancillary market numbers. Learn the essential questions to ask potential partners as you team-build in this new, shape-shifting frontier of distribution.

Donna Gigliotti
(Silver Linings Playbook; The Reader; Shakespeare In Love)

Jon Kilik
(Foxcatcher; Boyhood; The Diving Bell and The Butterfly)

Tom Quinn
(Snowpiercer; 20 Feet From Stardom; Co-President, RADiUS-TWC)

John Sloss
(Boyhood; I’m Not There; Founder of Cinetic Media)

Frida Torresblanco
(Pan’s Labyrinth; Magic Magic; The Assassination of Richard Nixon)

Peter Saraf
(Little Miss Sunshine; Our Idiot Brother; Vice President, Producers Guild of America East)

The Biggest Business In Entertainment - Producing For Video Games

Since 2007, video games have eclipsed film sales in opening week grosses. Grand Theft Auto V did $1BN in first week sales. Candy Crush makes up to $3,500,000 per day! Major e-sports events such as the League of Legends World Championship Series sell out stadiums and generate viewership bigger than all but the Super Bowl. With 67% of American households playing video games and average gamer age of 34 for males and 42 for females, video games have long since outgrown niche status. This panel will bring together some of the top producers in video games to discuss the opportunities in and state of the video game industry, with a special focus on the largest franchises and audiences. What is the nature of the producer’s role in game creation, and how does that role change based on the nature of the game or platform?

Keith Arem
(Call of Duty; Titanfall; CEO/President, PCB Productions)

Colin Carrier
(Chief Strategy Officer, Twitch)

Zander Reyna
(Batman Vengeance; Def Jam Rapstar; Creative Director, Games MLB Advanced Media)

Wade Tinney
(Color Zen; Doodle Jump; Consulting Creative Director & Executive Producer)

Stephen Totilo
(Video Games Journalist, Kotaku & NYT)

3:45pm to 5:00pm

Conversation With: Harvey Weinstein sponsored by CreativeFuture

The defining figure in American independent film over the past quarter-century, quintessential New Yorker Harvey Weinstein joins Produced By: New York for a fascinating one-on-one conversation. How has the indie impresario worked to refine his twin instincts for storytelling and sales throughout his career? How have Weinstein and his company approached the opportunities presented by new distribution models? And how can emerging filmmakers market personal or idiosyncratic visions to the widest possible audience?

Session Sponsor

Harvey Weinstein
(Shakespeare In Love, The King’s Speech; Co-Chairman, The Weinstein Company)

Scott Feinberg
(Awards Analyst, The Hollywood Reporter)

Producing the News (On Every Platform) sponsored by Adobe

The economics of 24/7 global news combined with production and distribution alternatives have created a new, multi-platform news consumer. Social media and digital devices have become indispensable to this emerging audience, forcing traditional news sources to adapt to the digital age while nimble startups continue to redefine news for today’s consumers. This workshop explores how producers are pushing boundaries by harnessing technology and interactivity to create content that can keep up with the high demand of online news consumption as well as serving the needs of traditional “mainstream” news.

Session Sponsor

Steve Forde
(Principal – Product Management, Adobe Digital Video and Audio)

Ernesto Mourelo
(Director of Digital Content, Hearst Television)

Gary Anthony Ramsay
(Director of U.S. News, Operations & Public Affairs, Arise News Networks)

Matt Silverman
(Editorial Director, Mashable)

Dax Tejera
(Executive Producer, America with Jorge Ramos; Fusion)

John Whitehead
(Senior Engineer, Content Management Systems, The New York Times)

Don Lemon
(CNN Newsroom; Anchor / Correspondent, CNN)

C is for Content: Technology and Storytelling in Kids’ Media sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter

It’s a digital world for today’s (and tomorrow’s) kids. Producers must harness technology to tell their stories effectively to this massive audience of digital natives. In the age of time-shifting, “TV anywhere,” shrinking theatrical windows, tablet viewing and social media, how are kids, tween and family content creators reaching, growing and retaining their audiences? What experiences, ideas, and values are most important to tech-savvy kids and their parents?

Special Appearance by Cookie Monster!

Greg Alkalay
(CEO and Co-Founder, batteryPOP)

Bonnie Arnold
(How to Train Your Dragon franchise; Toy Story; The Last Station)

Jerry Davis
(Epic; Ice Age; Robots)

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh
(Phineas and Ferb; King of the Hill; Rocko’s Modern Life)

Adina Pitt
(VP Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Cartoon Network and Boomerang)

Jane Startz
(Ella Enchanted; Tuck Everlasting; The Magic School Bus)