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Caressa Douglas serves as the Senior Vice President, Content & Branded Integration at BEN (Branded Entertainment Network), a Bill Gates Company.  She is a founding member and contributor of BEN where she has a passion to seamlessly integrate brands into the fabric of Hollywood storytelling. With over two decades of relationships in the entertainment space, Caressa and team execute successful placement programs for global clients such as General Motors, Heineken, Dunkin Brands, Microsoft/Xbox, Honda, Hyundai, and Dyson.

Previously, Caressa served as Vice President of Branded Integration at Norm Marshall & Associates, a pioneer in the space of product placement and responsible for some of the most memorable brand campaigns of all time, including General Motors in Transformers, Xbox in Big Bang Theory, Chanel in Sex in the City, and Persol in James Bond.

Caressa has been a leader in the entertainment marketing space and has a sterling reputation both with brands across categories, and throughout the production community.




Promote/Entertain/Engage: Reaching Your Audience in Today’s Entertainment Landscape

Smart producers know that marketing and advertising are integral to the success or failure of any project. Producers owe it to themselves and their partners to stay up-to-speed on the latest and most efficient social media marketing strategies, trends and tactics, especially since traditional marketing avenues of TV/radio spots and billboards aren’t nearly as effective as they once were. Madison Avenue remains ground zero for marketing innovation, so come hear how some of New York’s brightest minds working in advertising, marketing and distribution think we can help our messaging break through.