Antonio Santinisantiniantonio_2017

Director/Producer; Dina, Mala Mala

Antonio Santini is a Puerto Rican and Dominican director and producer. His first film, Mala Mala, premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, receiving an Audience Award, and was later distributed by Strand Releasing. His second feature, Dina, premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, receiving the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary, and was released by The Orchard in North America and globally by Dogwoof in October 2017.



Making Art or Making History: Telling True Stories, sponsored by PBS

Life is stranger than fiction – and often more entertaining! Whether scripted or unscripted, documentary or dramatization, finding an unsung story and sharing it with the public is a thrilling experience. While producers are often described as the traffic cop at the intersection of art and commerce, this session will examine the producer’s role at the intersection of storytelling and journalism – bringing true stories to a mass audience. This session will explore issues of rights acquisition, developing a creative team and a consistent, collaborative point-of-view, and the tension between the essential facts of the story and the appeal of creative license and artistic interpretation.